class spotify.player.Player(session)[source]

Playback controller.

You’ll never need to create an instance of this class yourself. You’ll find it ready to use as the player attribute on the Session instance.

state = u'unloaded'

The player state.

  • The state is initially PlayerState.UNLOADED.
  • When a track is loaded, the state changes to PlayerState.LOADED.
  • When playback is started the state changes to PlayerState.PLAYING.
  • When playback is paused the state changes to PlayerState.PAUSED.
  • When the track is unloaded the state changes to PlayerState.UNLOADED again.

Load Track for playback.


Seek to the offset in ms in the currently loaded track.


Play the currently loaded track.

This will cause audio data to be passed to the music_delivery callback.

If play is set to False, playback will be paused.


Pause the currently loaded track.

This is the same as calling play() with False.


Stops the currently playing track.


Prefetch a Track for playback.

This can be used to make libspotify download and cache a track before playing it.

class spotify.player.PlayerState[source]
UNLOADED = u'unloaded'
LOADED = u'loaded'
PLAYING = u'playing'
PAUSED = u'paused'