Session settings

class spotify.Settings

This class stores settings used when creating a Spotify session.

application_key = None

Your application key (binary string).

cache_location = 'tmp'

The location where Spotify will write cache files. This cache include tracks, cached browse results and coverarts. Set to '' to disable cache.

proxy = None

Url to the proxy server that should be used. The format is protocol://<host>:port (where protocol is http/https/socks4/socks5).

proxy_password = None

Password to authenticate with the proxy server.

proxy_username = None

Username to authenticate with proxy server.

settings_location = 'tmp'

The location where Spotify will write setting files and per-user cache items. This includes playlists, track metadata, etc. ‘settings_location’ may be the same path as ‘cache_location’. ‘settings_location’ folder will not be created (unlike ‘cache_location’), if you don’t want to create the folder yourself, you can set ‘settings_location’ to ‘cache_location’.

user_agent = 'pyspotify-example'

“User-Agent” for your application - max 255 characters long. The User-Agent should be a relevant, customer facing identification of your application.