Artist browsing

The ArtistBrowser class

class spotify.ArtistBrowser(artist[, type[, callback[, userdata]]])


A sequence of Track objects.

Browse an artist, calling the callback when the browser’s metadata is loaded.

  • artist (Artist) – a Spotify artist (does not have to be loaded)
  • type

    this browser’s type. One of:

    • 'full' (default): all data will be fetched (deprecated in pyspotify 1.7 / libspotify 11)
    • 'no_tracks': no information about tracks
    • 'no_albums': no information about albums (implies 'no_tracks')

    The 'no_tracks' and 'no_albums' browser types also include a list of top tracks for this artist.

  • callback – a function with signature : (ArtistBrowser browser, Object userdata)
  • userdata – any object
Return type:int
Returns:whether this artist browser has finished loading metadata.
Return type:list of Album
Returns:the list of albums found while browsing
Return type:list of Artist
Returns:the list of similar artists found while browsing
Return type:list of Track
Returns:the list of tracks found while browsing
Return type:list of Track
Returns:the list of top tracks for this artist found while browsing